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Make his name a brand and give a name to his brand.
This sentence characterizes well the work we are trying to do in terms of personal branding.
When you carry out an activity that requires you to put yourself forward, it is important to identify a strong identity and a brand image that lives up to what you show.
Anthony Omenya has an influence that he exerts on several continents and in many fields. He aspires to build a real empire that will bear his name. He knocked on the right door.

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In our company, the kitchen has a special place. Beyond the delicacies of our partners, we have developed particular expertise in the management of culinary projects and everything that comes close to it. Cap On Food has something to do with it./span>
Here is a project whose communication we produced from the first pinch to the last spoonful with the complicity and vision of Chef owner Karen.

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The platform created in 2013 by journalist Karelle Vignon, has become in the space of 5 years, one of the essential references in terms of cuisine on the French-speaking web. His blog is visited nearly 1,500 times a day by curious people, but above all by his army of 115,000 foodies who are spread over all his platforms.

Karelle is what we call a web monster. We decided to make it grow even more by updating its website and refreshing its visual identity. Result: Even more gourmets to satisfy and a more committed community than ever.

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Chef Edmond is an example in terms of entrepreneurship and a model of success. In business for more than 5 years, his project has gone through all the stages to become a prosperous and constantly growing company today.

The logistics specialist swapped his shirt for an apron to launch Diolo catering. The adventure began in Edmond’s small kitchen in Ville Émard and continues in a restaurant of about thirty people in the heart of Montreal.

The success of his company, the chef owes it has an extraordinary charisma and personality coupled with effective communication on the web. In addition to the good times we spent tasting the test dishes, we are proud to have produced quality visuals and a professional web platform that contribute to positioning Diolo Traiteur as the best African restaurant in Montreal, quite simply.

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When you start a business, there always comes the pivotal moment when you have to make a strong decision for your communication.

Most of the time, the desire to change nothing to take advantage of what has been achieved is opposed to the desire to innovate to have greater growth.

At Smartegy, novelty is always preferred and we are always on the lookout for innovative ideas for our budding entrepreneurs.

We had the pleasure of supporting Prisca in her Make-up artist project. Beyond the simple makeup artist, Beauty By Preesk is now a full-fledged company that offers several types of services with professionalism and quality worthy of the biggest cosmetic houses. An offer made possible by a strong identity and a complete web platform that meets the requirements of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Who said a start-up was unprofessional?

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Louis Edgard Jean-François

Louis-Edgar Jean-François is an avant-garde and innovative leader. When he took over the management of Groupe 3737 in the spring of 2018, his wish was to make it more inclusive and more accessible than it already was.

The opening of the institution to the general public and the strengthening of its position in the landscape of Montreal incubators went through the effective use of modern communication elements and the new director understood this well.

A modernized and complete website has been set up, animation on social networks has taken on a central dimension with increased frequency and production of high quality content (video portraits, dynamic animations, etc.)

Corporate does not rhyme with old-fashioned and Louis-Edgar understood this.
We are proud to consider him a member of our community.

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The Tunisian Association of Women Engineers is an association whose usefulness is well established. Created in 2015, its role is to develop and defend the role of female engineers in Tunisia.

The ATFI actively participates in the promotion of female engineers in Tunisia, encourages their initiatives, and enables them to better manage the balance between professional life and family life by offering spaces for exchanges between female engineers, female students, etc.

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CEED Concordia

Hawa’s arrival at the helm of CEED CONCORDIA has brought about a revival within the institution, particularly in the communications department. She called on us for what she described as an impossible task: to modernise the C.C. website, to make it more attractive and above all, to make it a more pleasant experience for visitors.
The process was interesting, if laborious, but we managed to achieve the goal. A few photos, a better visual identity and a better distribution of the content allowed us to deliver a new and updated version.

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